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Sales FunnelNo matter what your business is or the industry you compete in, your success relies on leads. You need leads that you can convert into sales. Every business and industry has slightly different processes and transforming a a lead into a customer may not always look the same. Sometimes, the process is quick (more typical with lower cost items or services) and sometimes the process can take months or longer.

However, what is the same is the need for leads. Since the process is different for every industry and business, REVITY has experts in a variety of marketing techniques and strategies to increase the number of qualified leads that enter the top of your sales funnel. More coming in at the top will translate into more at the bottom. More conversions means increased revenue. So, why not start increasing your revenue the REVITY way? See below for a sampling of our marketing services.

SEO Services

When do you think the last time was that you gained a customer from a phone book? We’ll wait a minute while you think… … … Still thinking? It’s probably been awhile. The phone book is dead and has been for years. Search engines like Google and Bing are where people turn for help. Even when people do use something like, say, YellowPages, they are most likely using the online edition.

When you search for something online and find what you are looking for on the first page of the results that isn’t magic. That is because some nitty gritty work went into putting that website and business right there to answer your query. That nitty gritty work is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). How many customers are you missing because your website and business are not optimized for these search engines?

Let us go to work for you and get your business ranking higher on search engines so the next time someone is looking for what you do they find you instead of your competitor. Don’t have a site? No problem we will build you a site from the ground up and it keep it in line with the latest accepted SEO practices from the very beginning. Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote.


Marketing is vast and expansive area. For this reason, it can be a hard topic to think about. If it is hard to think about then it is even more difficult to create a successful marketing campaign. IDEA: Let us think about it and run successful marketing campaigns for you!

We have experts in all facets of marketing including business plans, logo design, brand identity, and internet marketing. We use our backgrounds in business, psychology, management and other areas to create comprehensive solutions for you and your business.

Our marketers take a social psychology approach to marketing. This means that the methods they use are based on the latest research in how people behave and how they are influenced. We will avoid shady trickery while taking the great things your company offers and positively displaying them in a way that is proven to be effective at getting people to take an action (like buying your stuff!).

The beauty of Revity is that we are a full-service marketing agency. Your marketing efforts will be most successful when integrated with social media, email campaigns, and search engine optimization. However, as is the Revity Way, we will employ any type of marketing approach you want. If that is a print campaign, we do that. If you want to use Google Adwords or another pay per click campaign, let’s get it done! Let’s create a successful campaign together! Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote.

Web Design

Here is the deal: A website says a lot about who your company is. A website does not need to be flashy or 100% custom. It DOES need to be professional, clean, and easily navigable. Building a website is a complex process. Coding is complicated enough but when you add that the design needs to be effective at guiding users where you want them (like contact forms, products, or other areas), forget about it. It is definitely something best left to experts.

Revity has experts in both website development and design. This means we have the coders and the people that make your site effective. Everything Revity does is founded on scientific research. Founded by a psychology nerd, Revity will engineer your site in a way that is user friendly and guides yours user right where you want them so you and your team can effectively convert them to customers.

With a slick website, search engine optimization (SE0), a social media campaign, and other integrated marketing approaches there is nothing that will stop you! Let’s do the same thing we do everyday, and try to take over the world!* Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote.

*(World domination not guaranteed)

Social Media Management

Where does your audience hang out? Not sure? We’ll tell you: Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Google+…. You the idea, they are on social media. Let us explain a simple psychological principle to you. It is called the mere exposure effect. It’s pretty simple. When people are merely exposed to something over and over they tend to like it more overtime. While this principle does have limitations and a ceiling, it’s application can be seen in everyday life. Ever heard a song you didn’t like but the radio stations kept playing it over and over and then, maybe a week or two later, you found yourself liking it more? That’s the mere exposure effect.

Social media is a great place for you to merely expose your company and its brand to your audience. However, too much exposure can turn people away and not enough exposure your audience will never see you. You have other things to focus on like running your successful business. We’ll take care of your social media presence for you. Even better, we’ll take the time to learn your company and its brand, voice, and culture so we can bring the real you to your social media followers. Think of us an arm of your company, a really really ridiculously good looking social media arm.

Let’s get social together! Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.


Video Services

Videos are a great way to express who you are to your target audience. Also, you may have noticed over the last, oh, 60 years or so that moving picture commercials are a pretty effective advertising medium on television. You don’t need to produce a TV commercial though to have effective videos. A YouTube channel can reach countless numbers of potential customers. Also, a video or two on you website can be just what you need to take your site to the next level.

We will help you create ads, how-to videos, lead generation videos, or any other kind of video. Just like every one of our other services, our video services are fully custom. We will come film it for you, rent you a high def camera, do the editing of a video you produce, or any combination of these services. Bring your company’s brand to life with a sweet video today! Contact us for a free consultation and price quote.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are an excellent way to convert those who are “just looking” into customers. Email campaigns are also a great approach to get encourage customers to become repeat customers, share deals, and keep your contact updated on what is going on with your company. On the other hand email campaigns can destroy a customer base if done incorrectly. With the best of intentions, companies easily go from trying to be on the front of their customers minds to becoming an nuisance.

Our experts will ensure that your website is set up in a way so as to capture your customers contact info (with their consent of course!) and will use that data to employ a powerful email marketing campaign. With our experience in email campaigns we will ensure that your companies brand is used, built, and expanded all while keeping your campaign clean, professional, and within federal regulations.

Email campaigns are often best when utilized with another of our services like social media management or web design, but we will customize your Revity experience any way you’d like. As long as we are helping you increase revenue with integrity we are all about it!┬áContact us now for a free consultation and price quote.

Content Writing

In today’s internet marketing world, content is king. Next to having a top notch good or service, having great content is the best way to drive crowds of people to your website. Once there, people will realize what you have to offer and become customers. Online content most likely is not your primary offering as a business, but it tells people a lot about your company. Content conveys what you do, who you are, why you exist and much more. People buy your goods or services but only after they trust you will deliver on your promises. Quality content builds a trustworthy brand and consumers view as reliable.

Content writing includes the actual copy on each of your pages, blogs, and can include the content in your e-newsletters or e-marketing efforts. Our expert writers will work with you to ensure that all content produced for your company matches the voice and character of your business.

Generally, content is charged per word written. However, we emphasize a customer centered experience and therefore will work with you to determine a win-win pricing structure. Contact us today to get your free consultation.